Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby, It's HOT Outside!

I love summer.  Like, with all my heart.  There are few things that give me greater joy than sitting poolside with good book (which serves as a disguise for what I really do...people-watch).  Well, here in the good 'ol midwest, we are suffering from a scorching heat wave.  It has been humid, with temps in the 90s for days.  And days.  And days.  This makes my usual summer activity of being a pool-chair-rat less than appealing.  Yes, I realize it's a refreshing pool, but there's just something odd about a 27-year old frolicking in the water by herself.

Therefore, I've had to get creative and find other activites to keep me occupado in the recent days.  Here's my top-ten list of things to do when it's too frickin' hot to be outside:

1.  Drive 90 miles to get to the closest (decent) mall.
2.  Organize something (closets, file cabinets, drawers, basement...the list goes on).
3.  Find new blogs.  Speaking of, has anyone (other than my darling sister) found mine?
4.  Read.  Good books, trashy magazines, The Onion.  Anything goes.
5.  Add to my list of "Mr. C, you know what we really need...?"
6.  Buy ingredients to bake.  Then decide it's too hot to bake.
7.  Scour Craigslist, just waiting to swoop in on that good deal.
8.  Netflix.  Need I say more?
9.  Water my plants that I neglected yesterday.  And the day before.  Shit.
10.  Work on my little baby larva of a blog!

What would be on YOUR hot-weather top-ten list?

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