Sunday, September 19, 2010

CAbi Fabi

You know how, as women, we get invited to about 238957 home parties a year?  Well, I don't mind as long as I LIKE the stuff that is being sold.  I frequent Silpada and CAbi parties, attending at least a few a year.  Am I able to purchase many things...nooooooo, but I love the social part of it and always find something to splurge on that I love.

However, what is it about those parties that makes money seem, well, like it grows on trees?!  I can honestly say that I've never gone to the mall and seriously considered spending $118 on a tunic.  But at a CAbi party?!  Yes, please!  I'll take it!  I think I get caught up in all the, "WOW!  That looks great on you!" comments, and because I've limited myself to just two items, when my bills comes to $200, I feel like I've stayed within my budget.  Ummm...HELLO!!?  And the most ironic thing about this?  I've managed to get other girlfriends hooked by inviting them along, hence resulting in even more parties.  Good Heavens, I'm like a fashion drug dealer.

As for Silpada...I've been invited to just a couple parties, stayed well-within my budget, and LOVE the pieces I purchased.  But again, would I ever go to the mall and spend $79 on a fun ring?  Probably not.  But the wine and good conversations make for an even more appealing shopping experience. 

I think, as I attend parties such as these, it's importannt to have perspective and not get all caught up in the hype.  After all, I can look - and feel - just as great in something off the sale rack at Target.