Sunday, October 17, 2010

On Wisconsin!

College football is one of my favorite things.  It always has been, but since I've know Mr. C (a football coach and quite frankly, football fanatic), I've learned more about teams and the game itself than I ever thought I would know.  In big news, my beloved alma mater, the University of Wisconsin, beat #1 ranked Ohio State yesterday!  Way to go, Badgers!

However, I do have a little confession.  I think Ohio State's coach, Jim Tressel, is so handsome (in an older-man-sorta-way) in his tie and sweater vest.  Although he coaches the opposing team, I just can't help but give respect to a sharp dresser.  Case in point:

So, there you have my thoughts on yesterday's game.  I love the big Wisconsin win, and I love Jim Tressel's sweater vests. 

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  1. Hey girl, welcome to the blogging world! It is damn addictive as I'm sure you'll soon find out. Love your background; so cute!

    Go Bucky!